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We translate any type of document in over 90+ languages and have a track record of incredible speed and accuracy. We provide the best possible translation features, including guaranteed acceptance with our USCIS translation services. Whether you’re a global enterprise or a small business owner, our international team of translation experts will rapidly translate your text while ensuring the highest level of language accuracy and translation consistency. And the formatting? No need to waste your time on it. XML, PPT, email templates, and more, we’ll return your translated document to you in the same format you delivered it.

Choosing a Professional Translation Company

In the world of business, much can be won or lost over an unsatisfactory document translation. Misunderstandings or miscalculations can cost businesses valuable time and money, as well as put business relationships at risk. It is never worth taking a risk on a low quality document, so here are our ground rules on choosing the best service for your translation needs.

High quality

Our native-speaking translators are certified professionals. Nonetheless, for an added layer of textual quality assurance, we always run your project past a second set of eyes. We know you’re working within a project deadline. That’s why we set a countdown timer from the moment you approve our price quote.

Professional Translation Services

We provide only professional translating services. All our employees are people with specialized education, and deep knowledge in various spheres. They pass a rigorous application as well as certification processes before they can take any project and actually work with us. If quick assistance is what you are looking for, we’ve got your back! There are experts, available 24/7, ready to help even in the middle of the night.


Ensure your content has its i’s dotted and its t’s crossed. Our expert language editors will double check your translation for the highest level of accuracy and consistency, referencing your original document for intent, and then reviewing the translated version for precision

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QuikStamp offers high-quality, accurate, and efficient translations for individuals and organizations across the globe, and ensure that, in addition to unparalleled quality and precision, every translation you receive comes with prompt customer service and guaranteed on-time delivery.



Documents between 1-3 pages are typically completed within 24 hours or less, 4-6 pages can be expected to be delivered within 48 hours. We also offer rapid same day service options for those who need their documents completed in a shorter time period.

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Snap a picture of your document on our mobile phone, or upload a PDF. Take a picture of your document, or upload a PDF from your computer or a cloud storage service like Dropbox. You can upload up to 15 Documents max at one time.

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Enter your payment details to confirm your appointment. A invoice will be sent to your email, Rest-assured that our secure platform is backed by Square payments. Too complicated? Give us a call and we’ll walk you through the process.

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You will receive your translation along with any necessary certification by email upon completion as well as by mail in as soon as 1 business day


Certified translations are for official uses where your receiver requires certification to verify that the translation is complete and accurate. This type of translation is commonly required for submission to U.S. Immigration (USCIS), universities, courts and many local, state, and federal governments.

The translation must be a literal (word-for-word) translation of all visible text to satisfy the complete requirement. Translators cannot add/remove text or interpret the meaning behind the text. For vital documents such as birth certificates that requirement doesn’t typically prove to be noticeable, but for other types of documents that contain full sentences with more nuance it can undoubtedly be. This requirement is vital for your receiver so that they can have confidence that the translation exactly represents the original source material.

The translation certification must attest to the fact that the translation was performed by a qualified translator fluent in the language pair to satisfy the accurate requirement. We only use professional human translators and 100% of our workforce meets this requirement. An authorized signer attests to this fact on the certification. We also include free revisions to ensure the final translation is 100% accurate.


Whether you’re submitting documents for immigration, or applying to a university, we can translate your documents for acceptance. Any legible document can be translated by us into or from over 90+ languages.

Frequently Translated Documents

Personal & Legal Documents

Birth Certificates
Marriage Certificates
Divorce Decrees
Death Certificates
Passports and ID Cards
Driver's Licenses
Adoption Papers
Medical Records
Immunization Records
Diplomas and Transcripts
Academic Certificates
Resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Legal Documents

Contracts and Agreements
Court Orders
Legal Correspondence
Wills and Trusts
Power of Attorney Documents
Litigation Documents
Patent and Trademark Applications
Immigration Documents
Property Deeds
Bail Bonds
Legal Disclaimers

Business Documents

Business Plans
Financial Statements
Annual Reports
Corporate Websites
Marketing Materials
Product Manuals
Technical Specifications
Policy Documents
Employee Handbooks
Training Materials
Meeting Minutes
Business Correspondence

Government and Official Documents

Visa Applications
Naturalization Papers
Tax Documents
Electoral Documents
Government Issued Notices
Military Service Records
Social Security Documents
Public Health Notices
Environmental Impact Statements
Government Grants
Licensing Applications
Educational Standards and Policies

Birth certificate for USCIS

Who can translate a birth certificate for USCIS into English?


If you’re doing work with the government and you have foreign documents, you will likely need certified translations of them. These translations have strict requirements such as verification of the translation being complete & accurate, meaning it has no missing parts and is an honest English translation from the language it was in. We offer English translation from over 90+ languages.

Certified translations are used by the USCIS or other government bodies for immigration & visa purposes, driving license issuance, university acceptance, employment verification, and other such situations. Certified translations require word-for-word translation. This is why using a professional translation service such as Rapid Translate is important. We’re confident you’re an honest person, but the US government might not be as trusting of you 🙂 We guarantee completeness & accuracy of immigration documents, such as birth certificate.

Furthermore, certified translations are required to be completed by a qualified translator who is fluent in both the language they are translating from, and the one they are translating to. All translators are pre-vetted and go through rigorous testing for quality and accuracy.

All in all, certified translations carry legal weight, whereas non-official translations do not.


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