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What is a Remote Notary?

A Remote Notary, also known as a Remote Online Notary Public, revolutionizes the traditional notarization process. This modern approach allows a commissioned notary public to perform notarizations over the internet, leveraging technology like webcams for real-time interactions. Whether you’re using a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop, our Remote Notaries can legally notarize your documents from any location, at any time, offering unparalleled convenience and flexibility.

Examples of documents that notaries on our platform will not be able to notarize for you include:

Notaries available 24×7 by computer or tablet or smartphone

What is an Electronic Notary?

Distinguished as an Electronic Notary or In-Person Electronic Notary Public, this form of notarization brings a digital twist to the conventional process. Though similar to Remote Notarization in its use of technology, an Electronic Notary conducts notarial acts electronically, eliminating the need for paper. However, a key distinction is that, according to state laws, all parties must be physically present during the notarization. This requirement highlights the primary difference from Remote Notarization, underscoring the importance of understanding each service’s unique legal framework.

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ELECTRONIC NOTARY & ONLINE NOTARY (RON Notaries) available 24×7 by computer or tablet or smartphone

1. Schedule Your Appointment

Get started by Scheduling a time and date for your appointment by going to the appointment page and selecting "Online Notary" or by giving us a calling at (302) 659 - 7555.

2. Upload Your Documents

Snap a picture of your document on our mobile phone, or upload a PDF. Take a picture of your document, or upload a PDF from your computer or a cloud storage service like Dropbox. You can upload 5 max at one time.

3. Confirm your Appointment

Enter your payment details to confirm your appointment. A invoice will be sent to your email, Rest-assured that our secure platform is backed by Square payments. you’ll receive a confirmation email with your link to attend your schedule session.

4. Attend your Scheduled session

Verify ID & and sign. During your virtual session, the first step is ID verification. This is either done visually by the notary or via a 3rd party. After everyone's identity has been verified, all signers will either physically or electronically sign the document(s)

5. Notarized

All done! Depending on your selected method of notarization, you will either be able to download your document directly after the session or we will email it to you.


Note: ** All signers must be physically located within the US during the notarization. ** If you are outside of the states, use our International Notarization option.

The process of international notarization

International Notarization

Understanding International Notarization

International notarization is a specialized process, distinct from obtaining an apostille, which is necessary for making documents legally valid for use outside your home country. Our Apostille Service is designed to cater to these specific needs, ensuring that your documents meet all international legal standards. 

How We Handle International Notarization

Facing the challenge of notarizing documents for clients outside the notary’s licensed state, especially for those situated abroad, QuikStamp rises to the occasion. By scheduling an International Notary session, our clients gain access to professionals skilled in legal notarization across distances. 

Physical Signatures? No Problem

Our array of services, including Remote/Online Notarization and International Notarization, are fully equipped to handle requests for physical documents. Should you need a document with a physical signature, simply indicate your needs during your session. Send us your paperwork, and upon receipt, we’ll notarize and dispatch them to your specified destination (note: shipping fees apply).

E-Notarization for Use Outside the US

For clients within the US aiming to have their documents recognized internationally, securing an Apostille from the relevant state agency—typically the Secretary of State’s office—is a common requirement. This certification process for electronically signed and notarized documents is continuously being updated to align with international legal standards.


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